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NASA Car Control Clinic – experienced racing drivers instruct licensed studend drivers in emergency evasion techniques and advanced car maneuvers

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Help for parents dealing with a problem teen; defiant, failing college, drug or legal problems; how to tighten family rules; 30-question test for parents

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TakeControlPhilly.org & PhillyCondom.org sites are available to let Philadelphia residents know about valuable STD prevention services provided by the PDPH.

Curious about condoms? Interested in IUDs? Then get smart about all the best birth control that’s out there. Compare methods, learn about side effects, and figure out

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Before you consider having sex, you need to know how to protect yourself. Read this article to learn what birth control pills are, how well they work, and more.

From a storeYou can buy birth control without going to a doctor. You can get male condoms in grocery stores, convenience stores, or drugstores. And you can get female

The first choice for birth control for teens should be IUDs and implants, which protect against pregnancy for several years, according to new guidelines.

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Neither Norplant nor any other hormonal implant is currently available to women in the United States. The manufacturer of Norplant stopped distributing the Norplant

If you are sexually active, you need to use contraception & a barrier method to protect you from disease, every time you have intercourse.

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Birth Control (Especially for Teens), an ACOG patient education FAQ, covers the birth control pill, patch, ring, implant, IUD, emergency birth control, and more.

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