High Fevers In Adults

Warning: Do not try to lower a fever with a cold shower — it is dangerous. If anything, use lukewarm water. The following is purely for informative purposes.

What is whooping cough? Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, is a serious infection that spreads easily from person to person. The disease causes uncontrollable

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A fever– also known as a high fever or a high temperature — is not by itself an illness. It’s usually a symptom of an underlying condition, most often an infection

Get the facts on fever treatment (in ren and adults) and symptoms. Learn about causes of fever, home remedies to bring down a high fever, and find out when to

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A fever is a body temperature of 100.4 F or greater. Read about causes of fever in adults, symptoms, treatment, medications that may cause fevers, and different types

A fever is a rise in internal body temperature to levels that are considered to be above normal. Average body temperature is about 98.6°F or 37°C.

Fever is the body’s normal and healthy reaction to infection and other illnesses, both and serious. It helps the body fight infection. Fever is a symptom, not a

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This Week’s Question: I remember having lots of fevers as a , but, now that I’m older, I don’t get them like I used to. What gives? The immune system doesn

Fever, also known as pyrexia and febrile response, is defined as having a temperature above the normal range due to an increase in the body’s temperature set-point.

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