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Orangutans have an enormous arm span. A male may stretch his arms some 7 feet from fingertip to fingertip—a reach considerably longer than his standing height of

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4 by 4 Mammals Sudoku Very easy 4 x 4 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys) Easy 4 x 4 Sudoku with shapes (4 keys) 4 by 4 Mammals Sudoku: Includes Hints (blank boxes have

Have fun, share food with members and friends and find out how much you really know about mammals. This is a “Potluck” night so bring some food and drink to share.

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Order Pelycosauria. 1. primitive order that gave rise to the Therapsids 2. first group to depart radically from the basic reptilian design = 300mya

An introduction to the form and function of mammals, just what are mammals and how do we recognise mammals when we see them?

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Explore mammals, learn about their anatomy and behavior, study fossils and the evolution of mammals, print out classroom activities, find mammal links, and more.

See which armadillos have a ball defending themselves and which don’t. Unwrap the facts on these “little armored ones.”

Origins. Synapsida, a clade that contains mammals and their extinct relatives, originated during the Pennsylvanian subperiod, when they split from reptilian and avian

Placental mammals are a rather diverse group, with nearly 4000 described species, mostly rodents and bats (photos at left). The placental mammals include such diverse

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An introduction to the long evolutionary history of mammals

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